Aaron Minc Scholarship And University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship

Minc law firm offers Aaron minc scholarship in order to support education. The scholarship is available to  high school seniors as a way of  supporting their college education. It is available  to students from diverse areas of study in the United States.

Aaron Minc Scholarship


Minc Law

Minc law firm is renowned for its services which are aimed at  supporting businesses. Minc law is specialized in advocating for victims of a rigged system, the firm has won five stars for its expeditious consideration and resolution of clients complaints. It is a leviathan in online defamation, negative editorial cases and up till now it has championed  the removal of more than 25000 negative web pages with malignant contents against its  clients.

The number of clients served is more than 1300 and each year the firm receives an upwards of 7000 requests for help. The minc law firm has satisfactorily advocated for clients in about 125 cases in 22 states and 3 countries.

The law firm carved a niche in a novel area in the legal industry. Their exploit has been greeted with a widespread recognition and a global acclaim . They are reputed as the leaders 

Application Deadline

The applications for the Aaron Minc scholarship for 2020 was July 31st 2019.

Award Amount

The scholarship is worth $1,500 and it can only be applied for online

Eligible Countries 

The award is only opened to US citizens and it is only tenable in the united states.

Who Is Eligible To  Apply

The Aaron Minc scholarship shows the commitment of the Mind law firm to education and to supporting students in the united states. There are conditions precedent to be met before one is eligible to  apply, but the first thing to note is that it is reserved for  students from United States. Besides this, applicants are expected to have all of the following ;

  • Applicant must have selected a college and university with an acceptable course of study.
  • Applicants must be graduating from high school in the 2019 calendar year and must have been approved into a college or any university in the United States.
  • Applicants who are presently registered in college or university but have not reached their senior year.

How To Apply For The Scholarship

To commence the application, interested applicants are to fill in an online form by registering online on Aaron mine scholarship official website.

  • Then the applicants are to send all supporting documents by uploading them online. Some of these documents include proof of enrolment.
  • The major entry requirements still remains that all applicants must be US citizens from any of the 50 states that make up the united states of America.
  • Language requirements ; it is compulsory that all applicants have the appropriate English language skills.

Benefit Of The Scholarship 

 The scholarship offers support to the students to finance their education with the sum of $1,500 dollars that is meant to contribute to the college bill.

University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship

The University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship is open to students from all around the world who are interested in attending the university as part of the international stream of its program. This prestigious scholarship can be worth up to $5,000 per year and can cover up to one-third of your tuition fees at the university. The application deadline is December 15th, so apply today! To help you decide if this scholarship is right for you, check out these reasons why you should apply today. Read More…


What are you looking for in a university?


Some students are looking for a university that has great academics and professors, some want to study with specific people, and some look for universities based on location or cost. Every student is unique and has their own opinions about what they are looking for in a university experience. As well as considering why you want to go to university, it’s also important to think about what you don’t want from a university so that you can know how to find one that suits your preferences.

Here are four reasons why international students should apply for a University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship:


1) Scholarships benefit everyone

2) Traveling internationally increases your exposure

3) The of is very accepting

4) Global citizens have more opportunities after graduating


What scholarships can you get from applying to this university?


University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship: 20% off tuition fees; not available to domestic students. Honours Excellence Scholarship for International Students (HES): $1,000 for one year; only eligible for second and third-year students (30 credits). General Excellence Scholarships for International Students (GESS): $500 per term; any student meeting minimum grade requirements will receive a general excellence scholarship. These are all unique scholarships because they are exclusive to international students who were considered based on their application essays and results from a preliminary English assessment test. All applicants must also demonstrate a deep commitment to making a positive impact on their community while having leadership abilities, volunteerism, and a record of academic achievement.


How does this university compare to others you are considering?


The University of Calgary is a public research university located in Alberta, Canada. It is a member of the University of Alberta (UAlberta) academic community as well as one of Canada’s top five research universities. UCalgary continues to be consistently ranked among Canada’s top 10 undergraduate institutions. To best prepare for entrance into university programs, students are encouraged to focus on their unique strengths and interests during secondary school. Students can also complement their academic studies with extracurricular activities, which include participating in sports and artistic pursuits like music or theater. This diversity allows students to find an area where they feel comfortable and confident enough to fully benefit from their educational experience.


Where would you want to study abroad?


The University of Calgary has a great program for students wishing to study abroad. The University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship is an award given to international students who wish to complete their Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Business Administration. The scholarship includes full coverage of tuition, books, and housing during the first year. This entrance scholarship will cover costs while you are studying in Canada, allowing you to focus on your studies. Getting into school is a big deal, but don’t forget about funding your education abroad! By filling out a simple application form and submitting it by June 30th, 2023, you will be eligible for amazing opportunities at both Canadian and American universities.


What are some costs and budget options?


There are many costs associated with attending university. Depending on whether or not you’re a Canadian citizen, your province may offer tuition assistance and grants for post-secondary education. Student loans will also be available to cover any remaining costs after all other sources have been exhausted. However, if you’re starting a business while studying, it may be possible to defer payments until after graduation. Students looking to complete part-time work can use online job boards like Kijiji or Craigslist to find flexible jobs in fields they’re interested in. While these opportunities won’t necessarily pay well or provide anything beyond experience, they do offer an opportunity to build networks that could benefit your business later down the line.


Your first step if you decide to apply


Write a good application essay and follow up with transcripts. If you’ve never attended a university or have been out of school for a while, you’ll also need to write a new personal statement that focuses on your reasons for studying at the University of Calgary and your future goals. The personal statement is an important part of your application and you should devote as much time as possible to its creation. Don’t forget, the admission staff is only human – so be sure to proofread it carefully before sending it in.


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