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African Plant Nutrition Institute(APNI) Outreach Fellowship Award for Graduate Students For The Year 2022


The African Plant Nutrition Institute(APNI) Outreach Fellowship is looking forward for  creative proposals that will focus on accelerated delivery and adoption of improved soil fertility management in Africa.


The Fellowship aims to provide support for education, training, and communication programs that will aid improvement of the use and efficiency of plant nutrients in African agro-ecosystems. Soil fertility management needs a more balanced approach that adequately addresses a wide range of practices targeted on meeting economic, environmental, and social goals. Educational programs that actualize these goals are often ignored.


About African Plant Nutrition Institute (APNI)

A non-profit research and training organization called the African Plant Nutrition Institute (APNI) was founded in March 2019. Through research, instruction, and extension, APNI seeks to advance sustainable plant nutrition management and innovation.

Aim and Benefits of APNI Outreach Fellowship Award

For two scientists or extension experts employed by an African NARES (National Agricultural Research and Extension System) institution, African university, nonprofit, or the business sector, the African Plant Nutrition Outreach Fellowship has up to two prizes of $5,000 available.

Requirements for APNI Outreach Fellowship Award Qualification

1.Applicants must be scientists, extension specialists, or educators employed by a NARES institution (National Agricultural Research and Extension System) in Africa, an African university, a nonprofit group, or the commercial sector.

2. The submission of innovative solutions that address knowledge gaps or call for the synthesis of existing data is welcomed in order to hasten the implementation and uptake of improved nutrient management in Africa. Applications must state how they plan to use the grant (such as to support travel, communication outreach, or training activities).

3. Collaboration and partnership evidence will be given favorable consideration. Particular encouragement is given to female candidates to apply.

Documents Required for Application

An explanation of how the Fellowship will result in better education campaigns or the adoption of effective soil fertility management techniques in agricultural systems. This will include a description of any new projects, data synthesis, instruments for communication, training sessions, or travel that will be funded by the award. Include enough information so that its uniqueness, creative methods, and potential impact may be assessed.
two letters of recommendation, one of which should come from the applicant’s supervisor, in electronic form. Letters must be signed, printed on business letterhead, and include the sender’s contact information (phone number, email address).
a résumé with academic credentials and papers or other outputs of communication pertinent to soil fertility management.


August 31, 2022

How to Apply


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