Booth University College Scholarships For International Students

Image of the Booth University College Scholarships For International Students
Booth University College is a private university in Canada in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The school was founded in 1982 and quickly grow to start graduating students in different programs like theology, business, and a lot of other courses. Booth University is a Christian school also known as The Salvation Army William and¬†Catherine¬†Booth University College and they also have master programs and other higher programs too! This leads us to talk about the scholarship they start to provide to help the student achieve their dreams of schooling with fewer financial worries. But before we dive into the BOOTH university College scholarship let’s quickly talk about the Benefits of the booth scholarship program and other scholarship programs

Benefits of the Booth scholarship program

Especially For an international student, you have access to easy traveling expenses when you get scholarship admission such as BOOTH college because it is located in Canada
  • You will also have a lot of advantages over local universities because most international schools get well recognition when studying abroad than study locally
  • BOOTH like other Canadian schools you easily get work after you are through with your schooling in Canada if you wish to start work since Canada has enough employment opportunities
  • You get more educational facilities because Booth University Colledge has enough facilities
  • You get rewarded no matter the aspect you are good at even not only academic because Booth reward student and rank them not only based on the academy but also on athletics, and some community usefulness which will be discussed letter in this article.

Booth University College Scholarship Program

Booth did not only give student scholarships based on educational achievement but also Community Service, Athletics also on Need-Based.

Booth University College Scholarships

They have four scholarships terms available to both international students and students in Canada as well
  1. Academic Scholarships: These types of scholarships are based on grades, and the amount of the scholarship is determined by the student’s GPA. It is a major scholarship awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement in high school or previous post-secondary studies.
  2. Athletics Scholarships: These are exceptional scholarships that are based on the student’s athletic ability and are used to cover a lot of costs like tuition, room/board, and other expenses related to their studies. They so much love to help students which have a passion for athletics and they also provide a lot of scholarships that cover their studies to further their passion
  3. Need-Based Scholarships: These make BOOTH so exceptional in the way they give scholarships to students based on need or lack of financial support to further their education. This scholarship also covers a lot like, tuition fees, books, and other expenses patterning their studies
  4. Community Service Scholarships: They also encourage students to always get involved in local community activities they give students that are active in local community activity community Service scholarships based on recommendations.
You need to know that each of those scholarship categories above has different scholarship programs in them.

Booth University College And How To Apply For Admission

Every scholarship above has its requirements, how to apply, and scholarship amount, and they are all based on if you are a Canadian or international student! If you want to apply for the BOOTH scholarship as an Internation student you need to check the HOW TO APPLY AS AN INTERNATIONAL STUDENT on the official website Also if you are a Canadian or U.S citizen then you need to follow this procedure on the official website on HOW TO APPLY AS A CANADIAN OR U.S. STUDENT

Booth University College Scholarships Deadline

Booth University has two deadline periods for their admission based on the one you want to work toward and get admission for. The deadline for the winter period is September, 15 while for the FALL period is April 30   Before we will talk about the amount the scholarships are worth let’s look into if BOOTH university scholarships are even worth it and their ranking! Is it worth or not

Booth University College ranking

Though ranks vary and just to know maybe the school is worth it or not then you need to know that BOOTH is fast growing private university in Canada that good numbers of Students want to make sure they get admission into because they have more than enough classing, equipment and lot of financial support. According to ‘Wikipedia they have over 55,000 books as well as a subscription to 115,000 ebooks’

Worth Of BOOTH University Colledge Scholarship

Basically, BOOTH partially sponsor your education and need and they give $2,000 Canadian dollar annually and renewable for up to the second year of study Though basically, Booth tuition fee ranges from 8,000 to 9,000 Canadian dollar for their bachelor’s and 9,700 for Masters So when you gain admission to an international school even if it’s based on scholarships fully funded or partial or just normal admission you need to save up for other expenses.  


In conclusion, we are able to cover some topics under Booth university college scholarships for international students their tuition fees, deadline, requirements, and other things about the school. Thanks for reading Leave a comment if you have any questions and we will be giving feedback.