Hi, you are all welcome, today we will be talking about the top 4 fully funded scholarship in Canada, this scholarship is meant for Nigerians, international students, and other African countries the range for this scholarship are undergraduate, Bachelor degree, master specialized certificate graduate and other specialized degrees. These scholarships are funded by the Canadian government and some private institutions.

Top 4 fully funded scholarships in Canada

Lester B .Pearson International Scholarships At the University of Toronto

This scholarship is intended to recognize students who demonstrate extraordinary academic achievement and creativity and who is a recognized students and also a leader within the school.

These scholarships recognized outstanding students across the world including international students studying at Canadian high schools. This University of Toronto is one of the most competitive scholarships for international students. This scholarship is only for the undergraduate program at the University of Toronto for first-entry


Requirement For the University Of Toronto

To apply for the Lester B. Pearson International scholarship :

  • An international student i.e non- Canadian requires a study permit.
  • Presently in your final year in secondary school or have graduated.
  • A great achiever in academics and creativity.
  • Beginning your studies at the University of Toronto(students already attending post-secondary studies cannot be considered for this scholarship)

How To Apply:

To apply for the Pearson International scholarship you have to:

  • Receive a nomination from your school(Verified are asked to submit their application to participate in the program)
  • Apply to study at the University of Toronto to begin your studies in 2023 and make sure you complete the application for admission before the deadlines
  • Once they receive a nomination and you have applied to the university you can now complete the online Lester Pearson International scholarships.


Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

The Vanier Canada graduate scholarship was launched by the government of Canada in 2008 to enable the ability to retain and attract the world’s best doctoral students. VCS supports students who are a high standard of scholarly achievement and leadership skills in graduate studies and social sciences, human sciences, health, and engineering.

Requirement For Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

This is open to Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, and other foreign students pursuing a doctorate degree.

To be accepted for Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS) candidates must be:

  • Nominated by only one Canadian institution, which must have received a Vanier CGS quote.
  • Pursuing your first doctorate degree including undergraduate/graduate research programs such as;
  • Must not have completed more than 20 months of doctorate studies
  • Have achieved a first-class average
  • Must have held a doctoral-level scholarship



The University Of Alberta Scholarships

This scholarship is supported by the government of Canada to help and support candidates from abroad that want to study or gain a professional degree in Canada.



  • For an undergraduate application for a research-based experience a written institutional collaboration and student exchange agreement.
  • Graduate application for an inter-institutional agreement is desirable but not mandatory
  • Application and requirements should be submitted directly to the UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA INTERNATIONAL by the candidates
  • Candidate must apply full-time in their proposed degree program at the time of application
  • This scholarship cannot be renewed
  • This scholarship is not taxable for either the Canadian institution or the scholarship recipient.


Women In STEM Scholarship Program In Canada

This application for the Women STEM Scholarship is presently accepted by the scholarship board. This scholarship program is focused on women who have great and valuable potential to serve as advocates and models for other women in STEM.

STEM is an educational gathering of tutors and students that occasionally meet in a learning environment to work on different components of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This club encourages students to explore, build, learn and understand STEM.



The candidates must be:

  • Accepted or enrolled In a full-time degree program in the USA or a Canadian school
  • An international student allowed to legally study in USA or Canada


HOW TO APPLY: The candidate must be qualified and interested visit Women in STEM Scholarship Application to register


In conclusion, we were able to talk about 4 top fully funded scholarships in Canada and how to apply, the requirement needed before you can be fully accepted into the university of your choice, and the type of degree you want to study.

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