What Do You Do With Origin Bitters?

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What Do You Do With Origin Bitters?

In the era of our forefathers, they enjoyed their moment with bottles of local gin and the natural whitish water (palm wine) alongside kola nuts that got their teeth painted in black and brown.

With the mixtapes of Ayinla omo wura, Aruna isola, Yusuf Olatunji and many more vocable artist that gave birth to sensible lyrics, they exchanged dance with tandi-tandi and measured legs with òkòtó.


Those aforementioned artists were the great joy givers of their time to which they squander their moments listening to the rave of ìgbádùn kelele. If you do not want to be touched by the tail of a monkey, do not attend the monkey’s dance, this time can be well attributed to ‘Ekìló f’ómode’ because it is he, who understands what the drum is saying that sings along.

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Come to the time of our fathers, the big black bottle (Big stout) popularly known as Odékù stepped on the ladder of fame and erased the timely memories of ògógóró. During this time, it’s only those that had the right to jumbo pay that also had the right to jumbo drink. Odékù got our fathers impregnated and expose the size of their belly to enjoyment. So the sages are always right, when they say the best dancer also retires, it was this time that Yusuf Olatunji, Ayinla Omo wura and likes vamoosed stage for another set of amazing singers.

Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, Kolingthon, Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Oluaye Marshal and notable moment catchers, also came with voices that opened the gate of mùkúlú mùke. It now became the time of ‘being happy is better than being a king’.

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The dice now rolled on us, our time and our era. We removed the mat that our father laid for us and spread the garment of civilization, our tongues now befoed ògóróró and odékù became nothing in our blurry faces again. A lot of modern gin came through with different names that enchant the pocket, but the only one that paid homage to my throat is ORIGIN BITTERS, glad you could come through.

So, what do you now do with origin bitters? Do you drink it only for fun or there is another meaning to it in the diary of fàájì? Well, to me, whenever I tend to loose the sense of inspiration and I want to spit out words, I prefer making friend with plastic origin to quench my thirst. After the countless gulps of origin bitters, I have given another meaning to it rather than fun alone.

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Do you find it weak to take a damsel on date with no conversation in your mouth? Do you find it more stressful to walk through the red sea with your rod? Is 10 rounds hard for you to race with your apónbéporé? Then share a table with the belly painter, ORIGIN BITTERS!!!!


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